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I stumbled across this on one of my favorite art blogs, I intended to share it first with a local San Francisco artist I am working on doing a tbd group show with, Gina Tiechert, and thought it fitting to share here too. Some of the work featured here embraces collages and mixes figure painting effortlessly, which I love, while others show a strong sense of composition in printmaking. Overall a strong body of work from Polish artist Hadas Patryk.

Paths To Land | Carla Andre

Sometimes we are so focused on the destination we forget to enjoy the road. I have been guilty of this big time during this whole marathon of life, literally and figuratively. These photographs remind me of my own travels training and on photo shoots for work, except she's done a beautiful job of capturing and displaying the moments, I just watched as they pass by. For more of Carla Andre's work visit this link.