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The Norwegian and The Nebraskan

Sunday I photographed some people near to my heart, Jon and Whitney. Jon is a physics student at UC Berkeley and Whitney is a teacher in San Rafael. It's nice to photograph people who play a special part in my life. Creating a shared moment together keeps my photography not just a job or an art form but a truly tangible reference to the station and place I'm at in life. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be friends and photograph these two people.


Sandbox Art Show

The annual Sandbox Art Show Benefit has come and gone this last week. It's always nice to see the studio filled with lots of friends and family of Sandbox. I had three pieces in the show, one sold ("Rite") and there is interest in another from a close friend. I'm quite proud of the show and the pieces all the artists exhibited, specifically art from Jacqui Galle, Kelly Ishikawa, Charlie Maier and Naseema Khan.
The following images, "Reside", "Rite" (sold) and "Remain" mixed digital photography and painting.
The later two images are hand painted and one of a kind pieces.

SCENE cover

The Guardian publishes a quarterly guide to nightlife in San Francisco. This fall my work graces the cover. This was shot in North Beach on Broadway and Columbus. Please visit for the content.