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A few weeks ago I shot ink falling into a 10 gallon fish tank. The process of shooting just to make a beautiful image for no real purpose other than the act of creation is something I rarely get a chance to embrace. I plan to continue this series and incorporate the imagery onto a larger piece at a later date.



Friday I had a chance to shoot with Katherine Mathis. Katherine is a mutual friend who runs a marketing and branding company, Revolver Studios, and has a very well read and interesting view on art. We had tried to find the right inspiration and project to exercise our creative muscles with since late 2009 to no avail. Serendipity smiled and we both had a free afternoon but were without a plan for the end product. Throwing ourselves into the creative process we crafted a stop motion animation that happened completely organically on an ad hoc basis. Shooting stills for a stop motion animation is the first step and the editing process has yet to begin. I wanted to share the closing shot before next week brings me back into Sandbox Studio and the hustle of a new week begins.



I've been hard at work coding and uncoding, making and unmaking, remaking and unmaking, then coding again... it's been a little maddening. However, I'm proud to say my desire for a more interactive website with a unified cohesive web presence is almost complete. I still need to transfer a little bit more coding to the server but it's almost ready for the viewing public. For a preview please check