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As a young child I was a huge fan of Masters Of The Universe and Star Wars. I thought I was either a young Prince Adam or Luke Skywalker. My mortal enemies were Skeletor and the embodiment of The Darkside, Darth Vader. Unfortunately as time passed the action figures I collected as a child have been lost in the mix and I have discovered I don't harness The Power of Grayskull or The Force. I did however find my Skeletor action figure on a recent trip back to my childhood home in Kansas City.


Goodbye Heart

Monday I shot with a new client, Goodbye Heart. Goodbye Heart specializes in rare leather garments (think East West Musical Instruments), vintage designer suiting, and of-the-moment vintage silhouettes. I'm very excited for the images to hit their site but until they do here is a screen shot teaser of thumbnails as I was proofing them this morning.