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This weekend marked my brother's 26th birthday so we celebrated in a cabin on Detroit Lake. The lake water level was low for the winter so we could walk out onto a place that in the summer is 20 to 30 feet below water. It was a great time with lots of food, booze, friends and laughs.


website update

it's been six months since i updated my website, so last night i stayed up late hashing it out. as my work progresses i think it's best to keep things gleaned down to the things that truly represent the place you are and the direction you're heading. this site really captures that well. if you get a chance please go through the galleries (and send it along to all your friends, family, co workers, art directors, producers, editors, creative directors and art buyers). Enjoy.



Morning rain on the Fourth Floor. Grey and white.

Magic hour on Davis Street. Pink and Blue. Dusk fades to night.


untitled : lack of focus

Monday I got a beer with my brother. This really has nothing to do with that though. I did find a new favorite beer, Olympia - brewed by of all people Pabst. It's like the swill beer I currently fill my evenings with except a little cheaper at Fred Meyers. It also goes well with Sunday brunch.