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Theo Mercier

Theo Mercier's work is the most amazing thing I've stumbled upon all week (which includes a viewing of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and a man arguing with a goat that made me nearly piss myself the 18 times I watched it). I've re-posted some images I found on another blog I follow, of Mercier's. He is a French artist infusing sculpture and photography. I will say I'm not only inspired by his work but his age. He's 25. I'll let the images do the talking and you can do the research if you're interested. His website is

Check out a review by Diane Pernet on



No idea what this film is about as I'm far from pretending to be fluent in French. The visuals and the previous works of Romain Gavras with MIA and Vincent Cassel (specifically his role in Gaspar Noe's Irreversible) makes me wildly intrigued. Check out the film's website here.



Since March of 2008 I have been posting primarily work of my own on this blog. Earlier this year in an attempt to unify my web presence I transferred this blog's content to another blog on my url and began blogging my work there. I've recently started utilizing Google Reader and found inspiration in other countless blog posts that I want to re-post. Enter the subject head and an announcement of a change in content for this blog. From today on I plan on utilizing this blog to post about things I find inspiration in that I'd like to share with the faceless masses. Please check out my official blog and continue to check back for updated inspiration here.

My desire to share inspiration comes from an exhibit I visited at Pier 24 here in San Francisco. After prints from Richard Avedon, Larry Clark, Phillip-Lorca diCorcia, Jeff Wall, Todd Hido and Diane Arbus sent chills up my spine I thought it only fitting to share this with the rest of the world. The exhibit space at Pier 24 is something every photographer and fan of photography should visit. The space is limited, you have to make a reservation for a tour and the current exhibit leaves at the end of this week. However, in September the public will have another chance to visit a new collection at this space. Please check out for more information.