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Tuesday, June 1st at 8:30 a.m. PST I will be shooting a stop-motion animation for Lafitte, a brand new and exciting restaurant from dissident chef Russell Jackson. We're going to be shooting in the restaurant and they have a web camera with a live feed into their kitchen. It's no accident that this camera happens to point right where we'll be shooting. Please check out THE CAMERA for all the madness that is stop-motion animation. A special thanks to Revolver Studios for the opportunity to create with such a culinary talent.

Follow @LafitteSF and @Revolver_SF on Twitter.



Last week I was in Las Vegas for work with Riverbed Technology. The company hosts an annual convention and this year I covered Accelerate 2010 for 4 days. This image is from the first day of set up. A special thanks to Alex Grossman, Jason Black, the Riverbed Executives and the event staff that put on such a colorful and informational event.



Several months ago while culling through a shoot I did with Kristin in December, I noticed a poignant nuance in a series of frames. I made a mental note of it and moved on. This week those images came back out again and became part of a new motion animation. By combining the images from my (th)ink tank images and the images from Dichotomy in December, I have put together a new animation called 'inktank'. This is the first in a series I'll be starting this summer after I return from work in New Orleans and Las Vegas. Please check out the video on YouTube or preferably through the new motion section on my site.



Last month Katherine Mathis of Revolver Studios and I set out on our first of soon to be many creative endeavors. With no prior history of collaboration or working together, just a mutual respect for each others taste in art and literature, we agreed to make something creative out of an afternoon. That something formed into a stop motion video over 3 hours of shooting and 30 hours of editing. Check out the 3 or so minutes of visual fun. Check it out here on Youtube