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I shot some images for The San Francisco Bay Guardian's special section SCENE and it published today. Grab a copy of The Guardian today and check it out. I photographed at two of my favorite bars in San Francisco, The Homestead and Alembic. The Homestead has a wonderful atmosphere and very friendly staff who I love to purchase my favorite whiskey, Bullet Bourbon from. Alembic is a whiskey bar run by a wonderful guy named Daniel. His selection of whiskey and scotch is wonderful and they are great at pouring special concoctions to your drinking desire. The food here is wonderful as well. The cod with the Viex Carre is wonderful and you can't go wrong with a side of the fries either. Go out and get a drink and support your free weekly indie publications while you're at it.


first transmission: noise pop 2008

Sunday marks the end of Noise Pop in San Francisco. I didn't get a chance to get to as many shows as I'd have liked due to a serious cold and several conflicting shooting assignments. I have however found time to get to some really great shows. The best was The Blacks at Great American Music Hall followed closely by The Okay at Bimbos. I'm a huge fan of The Okay and The Blacks are a new found joy thanks to an introduction from Sonic Spectrum out of Kansas City and Julie Schuchard at Tricycle Records.

Sunday also marks the beginning of my photo blog. I wanted to have a place to put photographs up immediately without adding to the galleries in my current website or on myspace

So here it is. I'll save the commentary on the shows as I have a busy week.