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I've been walking past this car for the last week and finally had a chance to capture it on "film". It seems in our neighborhood it's not a problem to park your car for days, weeks maybe even months at a time. No boots. No tickets. No towing to a lot with other abandoned cars. Granted most of the cars towed to the abandoned car lot in our old neighborhood had the wheels stolen off of it and a strong scent of bum piss. None the less, I love this new neighborhood.


Out of San Francisco and Into Portland

Today is the one week mark of living in Portland. I will tell you it is rainy. It's also not that bad. It rains like San Francisco had fog, almost regularly but never enough to keep you from living your life. I have had a wonderful time in Portland thus far. Dinner with friends, new friends made and I'm no longer living out of boxes. It's a slower life here but there are just as many of the amenities here I loved about San Francisco; the mass transportation, DIY art culture and walkable neighborhoods without the things I loathed about San Francisco; Fell Street traffic and the high price paid to live in the ghetto. I'm already inspired to start two new projects and begin creating art all over again. Below are two shots from the week I left San Francisco and two from this last week in Portland.