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WHITE WALLS GALLERY | 10 Year Anniversay Show, New Discoveries

Last night was the 10th anniversary show at White Walls Gallery and the first show I've seen in their new space, which is awesome. The show was packed as per usual and the art was as strong and well curated, also as per usual. I'd seen some of the artists before; Herakut, Ferris Plock and Shepard Fairey but was really blown away by these three that I'd never seen before.

HELEN BAYLY. She is a San Francisco based artist who studied at SFAI. Her illustrations kept me standing in a crowd of chattering girls and stoned gangsters for much longer than I usually would have been able to stand. Absolutely beautiful line work. She draws like Leonardo da Vinci gave her a couple private lessons on how to properly capture Michelangelo's sculptures. This was the highlight of my night and I hope to see more of her work in the future. Check out more of her work here.
AUGUSTINE KOFIE. I was struck by the use of black in the highly precise layers of lines. I'm usually drawn to the use of black in a piece but these were so subtle it took a while for me to really decipher what I found so compelling about this Los Angeles based artists work. The attention to detail, precise and exact line work with hints to architectural plans blend beautifully in his pieces at the show. My words don't do his work the justice they deserve, for more of his work visit his site
 FAITH 47. I love when ink or paint runs across a surface. I use it in my own art and appreciate when another artist does it better than I can. Faith 47, a South African artist has perfected this technique of adding texture with the paint running across a canvas or wall. The pieces at the White Walls show don't use this technique as much as some of the mural work I've seen but it's still beautiful and well superbly executed. Explore more of her work on her site,