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BEHIND THE SCENES from The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Again I'm letting my inner (quickly becoming all consuming) nerd out with this but I love these stills from Star Wars. I'm sure the images need no introduction but it should be said these images will be published this month in a Making of Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back.

Originally posted on Vanity Fair's website



Chris Beckman blew me away with the editing on this appropriated video pieced together with Youtube clips. I watched it 3 times today. His use of sound makes the transitions between clips work so well. While your watching it, turn down the brightness of your screen and or close your eyes and just listen. Beckman is the 2010 Vimeo Award Winner in the experimental category. These video vignettes may not stand on their own but Beckman 's editing creates a story of our shared experiences that stands as a memorable testament to modern life.


MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS | Lara Vs The Savage Pack by Lucinda Schreiber & Beatrice Pegard

I love this. I am constantly inspired by the things I find on Vimeo and Forget Youtube. Vimeo is all you need, unless you're looking for cat videos. Directed by Lucinda Schreiber & Beatrice Pegard. Lucinda Schreiber also directed that beautiful “Autumn Story” video which can be found on


Max Oppenheim and Black Hole

I have a long history of obsession with the illustrated medium. From pencils and crayons in elementary school, comic books in middle school and sharpies on walls in high school I still love the medium. As a photographer working digitally I love seeing artists recreate illustrated art into a photographic medium. Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist Bill Turpin have taken the series Black Hole by Charles Burns and made the series that ended in 2005 relevant again in 2010.

originally found at Zupi
Zupi . Contemporary Art, Illustration and Design Magazine / From comic books to photography


EL GUINCHO | BOMBAY by MGdM - Marc Gómez del Moral

I love the styling and editing of this video. It reminds me a lot of Alejandro Jodorowsky and has a catchy beat that has been in my head all morning. The video is by MGdM, Marc Gómez del Moral, a Spanish Cinematographer with quite an impressive body of work. Check out his website for more.