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Coco Donuts

In the last month I have found a donut shop with in walking distance to my place. Thank God for Coco Donuts. Their donuts are simple like Delicious Donuts. The atmosphere inside is cute; pink accents, polished silver surfaces and clean lines with lots of available light. The donuts are light hence the inspiration for this photo.



This weekend my wonderful friend Courtney Cummins came to Portland to play. We did some testing with Meredith and Roze, model and hair stylist respectively. We got a lot really great shots from the day. I haven't finished editing them as this post goes up but I did want to share something I put together quickly this morning. Meredith is a former high jumper and quite athletic. Many thanks to everyone involved! The images look really great. More to come soon.

This is the final image from the series. Big thanks to Meredith for being so fun to work with!