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Photo Booth Video Sandbox Studio PDX

I put together an animated piece for the studio I work with, Sandbox Studio. This video is from an art party we had at the studio in conjunction with Office PDX and is comprised of the images attendees shot of themselves. I built and lit the photo booth for the party and Cory Zimmerman wrote the action scripts that automated the multiple capture. It's also on the Sandbox blog. Many thanks must be given to The Roman Numerals whose new song can be downloaded here through Top Spin Media.



I've been working on a series of photographs recently involving repeated symbols, subjects or colors with a loosely related take on the homogeneous future. If you've been following my work in the last 6 months I've been exploring some new visions and posting them here. Friday I did a quick shoot with Meredith (thank you very much Meredith!!) and with kindly contributed fashions from Pin Me Apparel on Mississippi Street.



The September issue of Portland Monthly has a little piece I did. It is a story on the development in the South Waterfront District in SW Portland. There are several very beautiful tall condominium buildings that are mostly vacant. I shot this with remote slaves from an adjacent building 15 stories up. I won't spill all the beans about the story or the shoot so you'll pick up a copy on the newsstands. Here is the image from one of the virtually empty condos. Be sure to pick up Portland Monthly in October. I have a 5 page fashion spread that went to press last night. It's a slick piece.