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I've always loved Scorsese's lighting and story telling. At first I was skeptical of a Scorsese directed ad. The 1:01 run time of this ad is perfect. His lighting, styling, camera work and colors are on par with his other work. I love seeing an artist branch into a different medium while staying true to their stylistic vision.



I published a new series of animations yesterday called iandi. I did the series in collaboration with Katherine Mathis, founder of Revolver Studios . These web based animations are inspired by the works of Robert Longo and the effect duality of personal identity has on human interaction.


Explosure by Tierney Gearon

The work in Tierney Gearon's series Explosure struck a strong cord with me today. Her work with film is truly an art form. Using double exposure in camera and using no digital post production or retouching her work is almost serendipitous while calculated. The subtle and suggested narratives paired with the ghosting images gives Gearson's work a surreal and ethereal quality. I am truly inspired by her work. These images came from her site


Todd Selby

My friend, Jason Black, re-posted a NY Times article about Todd Selby, a New York based photographer who documents people in the places they live. The photographs are simple yet captivating in their exploration of the personality of the subject through their accommodations and surrounding environments. I particularly like the work he did of artist Tom Sachs at his studio, Robert Longo (I'm a huge fan of Longo) and Erin Wasson. Read more about Selby in The Times and check out his website.

Robert Longo by Todd Selby
Erin Wasson by Todd Selby