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This summer I had an assignment for Portland Monthly to shoot a photo illustration about a nearly vacant property. I asked the property management company to have as many lights out in the building as possible. Unfortunately I didn't get as many lights blacked out as I'd hoped. I got a chance to turn those lights out this weekend and to make the photo as I saw it. Controlling a shoot from behind the camera is essential to my work but occasionally when extraneous details hinder the vision, post production is a lifesaver. The first image is as the scene was and the later image is the final piece.



This month marks a new home base for my photography. I’ll be returning to San Francisco after living in Portland. I am very excited to announce this second chance to live in the vibrant city again. I look forward to the friends, food and community there. The city of Portland has been a beautiful home and I plan on continued pursuits with the companies I’ve done business with over the last nine months. Check for more information or here in the upcoming months.

I have some new work I'm excited to get out to the public but that will have to wait until the move is finished.