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Proactive vs Retroactive

After driving home from showing my book to a client I began to contemplate the content of my book. For the longest time my book has been retroactive. Working in photojournalism and editorially many of my clients wanted to see work I've done for other publications. My client base has moved into a different direction, away from the printed weekly and monthly mediums into a more evergreen advertising world. I'm not discrediting the work I have done for past clients, I'm proud of the work, it's just not where I'm headed or at now. I've been doing some shooting work to help me find the voice I have now. The visual voice I'd prefer to speak with. Proactive opposed to Retroactive. As I piece together the work I'm doing now I'm going to publish them here first. This is the first in the series I'm doing now. The working title of the book is 'visions', working title only because 'visions' has a ridiculous connotation. These images are coming from a place that begins in my head an not in a previously published or existing medium. I'm trying to find that happy medium between my early roots in illustration and the photographic medium I've grown into.

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